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AutoBoost Portable Jump Starter, Power Bank & Flashlight

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Go from zero to hero with the small, but mighty AutoBoost! This ultra-portable jump starter, power bank, and flashlight is equipped to boost a 5.0L vehicle battery and can juice up virtually any USB-enabled device. Forget about waiting on AAA or asking a stranger for help - whether you’re out on the road or stuck in a jam, AutoBoost will have you covered!


  • One (1) AutoBoost in color of your choice
  • One (1) pair of smart jumper cables
  • One (1) 12" USB Type-C charging cable
  • One (1) storage bag with printed instructions
  • One (1) 10W wall adapter
  • User manual


  • Mini Jump Starter:
    • Designed to jump-start vehicles independently, eliminating the need for external assistance during dead battery incidents
    • Compact jump starter with the ability to start engines up to 5.0L, 8-cylinder—for cars, trucks and more
  • Portable USB Charger:
    • Charge power-hungry devices quickly with the included USB charging port
    • Compatible with virtually any USB-chargeable device, including mobile phones, tablets, navigation devices, and more
  • 3-Mode Flashlight:
    • Built-in mini 25 Lumen flashlight
    • Great for daily use, digging through your bag, outdoor activities, and in emergencies
    • Choose between On/Off, S.O.S., and Strobe:
      • SOS mode is useful in emergencies, sending a signal in Morse code to summon help
      • Strobe mode can be used for self-defense, as the rapid flashing can temporarily blind an attacker
  • Rechargeable Battery:
    • Battery Type: 6,000mAh Polymer Lithium
    • Charging Time (From 0%): 4–5 hours
    • Digital battery level indicator lets you know how much battery is left in the power bank
  • Made of ABS
  • Measures 5.55” x 3.35” x 0.91”
  • Weighs 0.65 lbs

How to Use

  • Using the Power Bank:
    • Plug a USB cable into the USB charging port and a mobile device. The device will automatically begin to charge. The cable included with the AutoBoost is provided to recharge the internal battery
    • To charge a device, you should use a compatible USB cable with your device
    • Checking the Battery Level:
    • Press and hold the power button
    • The current battery percentage level will display on the digital battery level indicator
  • Recharging the AutoBoost:
    • Plug the included USB wall adapter into an outlet and plug the included USB Type-C to USB cable into the USB wall adapter, AutoBoost will begin to charge
    • The current battery percentage level will blink on the digital battery level indicator. It is recommended to recharge the AutoBoost every three months or when the battery drops below 25%
    • Once the battery reaches 100% it will stop blinking
    • Unplug it once the battery reaches 100%
  • Using the Flashlight:
    • Single click the power button to turn the flashlight on/off
    • Single click to scan through the modes: On, S.O.S., Strobe, and Off
  • Using the Jump Starter:
    • Locate the vehicle’s battery
    • Open the silicone cover on the AutoBoost and plug in the smart cables to the jump start port
    • The safety check lights on the box of the smart jumper cables will flash red and green
    • Connect the red lamp to the positive terminal (+)
    • Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal (-)
    • The safety check light will change to a solid green
    • Start the vehicle
    • When done, remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were connected

Care Instructions

  • Store inside in a cool, dry place
  • Batteries are affected by temperature. The ideal storage temperature is 70°F (21°C). If the AutoBoost is exposed to extreme temperatures (14°F - 140°F / -20° - 60°C), it is recommended to allow the AutoBoost to re-acclimate to the ideal temperature of 70°F before using
  • Always charge the AutoBoost in a well-ventilated area
  • Do not insert foreign objects into any ports or openings of the AutoBoost

About the Brand

Limitless is an award-winning brand that is passionate about bringing you the top in tech! Use Limitless products at home, in the vehicle, and stay charged on-the-go!