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Outlet Cover Plates with Built-in LED Lights (2-Pack)

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The GuideLight 2 is a hassle-free solution to adding pathway and accent lighting throughout your home. Simply remove your existing outlet cover plate and snap the GuideLight in its place. The built-in LED bar creates a clean, modern lighting solution without taking up an outlet, and requires no batteries, wires, or professional installation.


  • Two (2) Outlet Cover Plates with built-in LED Lights in Decor or Duplex style
  • Two (2) to four (4) screws
    • Duplex: Two (2) screws (1 per plate)
    • Decor: Four (4) screws (2 per plate)
  • Installation guide


  • Easy to install with only a screwdriver (not included)
  • No batteries or wiring required
  • Powered by patented prong technology and controlled by a photocell sensor
  • Lights turn on/off automatically, based on the lighting conditions (full brightness when the room is completely dark and slowly dimmed as the room gets lighter)
  • Provides a soft and gentle illumination that enhances the ambiance of your hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and more
  • Sleek and modern cover design that complements various home décors
  • Automatic sensor designed to help save energy
  • Yields approx. 100,000 hours of continuous use
  • LED light can last up to 20 years (even when left on continuously)
  • ETL-listed (Electrical Testing Laboratories) for safety
  • Each cover measures 6.75” L x 4.5” w x 1.5” D and weighs 2.2 oz

Decor Outlet Covers are designed to work with all standard decor outlets. Not compatible with GFCI (test and reset) outlets


  • Duplex: For round outlets
  • Decor: For square outlets

How to Use

  • Turn off the power at the circuit breaker and test that the power is off at the outlet before removing the existing cover plate or proceeding with the installation
  • Remove the existing cover plate from the outlet with a screwdriver (not included)
  • Place the Guidelight over the outlet and secure with the included screw(s)
  • Be sure that the prongs slide inside the electrical box
  • Turn on electrical power to the outlet
  • Darken the room to test for functionality

Care Instructions

Wipe to clean

About the Brand

The original lighted outlet cover plate! Installs in seconds; no wires, batteries, or electrician required to gently illuminate your home after dark.